There are many garden room suppliers out there and finding the right one for you can be tricky. Cost vs Quality is obviously important. But what about your garden, is it suitable for a garden room? Will you need planning permission? There are some things to consider before you purchase a garden room from any supplier. We have listed some of them here below.


Suitable Garden Space?

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Is your garden suitable for a garden room?  Things to consider: Trees, roots, access, ground composition, drainage and level.  We carry out a site visit to look at your garden space and suitability before we finalise any orders. This way we can be sure your garden is suitable for a Nordic Room and preparations can be undertaken.

Planning Permission?

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Do you need to seek planning permission for your ultimate garden room?  Use your Permitted Development Rights. Restrictions: Listed building, area of outstanding beauty, flat, height, position, use of room etc. Nordic Rooms are designed to fall under the PDR’s and can also comply with Building Regulations.

Look & Feel

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How much input can you have in the design of your garden room? Does the shape of the cabin maximize your garden space? Have you positioned the windows for ultimate light intake. Perhaps you need to design the cabin to fit your furniture? Can you have a say in the external look, what colour would you like on windows/doors? Cedar or larch, or perhaps painted cabin? With Nordic Wood you have free choice of size, colours, cladding and placement of doors and windows You also choose colour of internal Smartpanels and floor colour.

Water Management

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In the UK it is important to respect the damp climate and the impact it has on a building. Rain itself onto a building is not the danger. The real danger is penetrating water and damp that will sit and eventually cause rot. To prevent this: Drainage; important that the ground has good drainage to avoid a muddy soaked garden. Gutters are essential for managing the water spill. Drip edges on all windows and doors that are exposed to rain.  Our walls are equipped with membranes to create a healthy long lasting building.

Quality Build & Supplier?

Have you chosen a supplier with the right quality for a long-term use? Material choice, insulation levels, water management, cladding type and thickness, windows and doors uValues etc. We import components from quality suppliers in Scandinavia, no third parties in between for competitive prising. We put a lot of importance on water management as penetrating water is the worse enemy of a wood building.

What We Build

We supply a complete bespoke build; plank by plank cut to size the room is raised in your garden. Included:

  • Foundations.
  • Fully insulated timber frame.
  • Top quality wood windows & doors.
  • Finished internal walls, floor and ceiling using Smarpanels and laminate flooring.
  • First fix electrics.
  • 100% waterproof rubber roof cover.
  • Siberian larch or Spruce cladding.

Nordic Room

Why not watch our short videos regarding our Nordic Rooms for some further information. NORDIC ROOM VIDOES

Nordic Wood – Scandinavian throughout

Nordic Wood Ltd has built hundreds of wood buildings during the past 15 years sourcing all materials from Scandinavia. Our fully insulated Nordic Rooms start from £13.500 built. For further information on our bespoke Scandinavian buildings please contact our Scandinavian office team on 01932 343 228.

Kind regards The Nordic Wood Team