Granny Annexe with WC, bedroom and open plan kitchen/livingroom

This newly finished Granny Annex is now in full use by our client’s elderly parents. Fully kitted out with a shower room, bedroom and open plan kitchen/living room.

Our garden rooms are bespoke built to suit our clients needs. Built to UK Building Regulations that apply for all year round living as well as fire proofed to meet regulations.

Contact us on 01932 343228 if you would like further information on how we can help you move your parents or grown up children closer!

This is the floor plan agreed with the client. A bedroom, WC/shower and open plan kitchen/living room.

The client wanted nice operable windows to let in both air and light and opted for a double glass door, side glass panels and triple windows to suit the layout.

The client chose a light toned scheme from our Smartpanel system to create a calming, homely atmosphere,

The WC was kitted out with a water resistant panel and a cork flooring. Client chose their own fittings to suit their taste.