We have some items that we are stopping to stock. This is an opportunity save some money. We are offering up to 15% off a standard Nordic Room if signed in May 2018.

An 18sqm Nordic Room with standard doors would normally be £16,580. With our stock discount you would save £2,090 which means a total price of 14,490.00.

This offer can apply to all sizes of Nordic Rooms. The offer is for a standard set of doors and window: 1 double glass door, 2 full glass panels and 1 airing window – placement where suits you. All in Slate Grey

Externally the Siberian larch cladding is laid horizontally and walls have our standard insulation.

Internally we have a few colours of Smartpanels we include as well as two colours of our Laminate Plus range.


Callus for further information: 01932 343228