As the environment, climate change and the rise of energy cost are very much hot topics our Nordic Rooms are the perfect match for a building that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Certified Timber
In our buildings we use FSC Certified structural timber from Sweden that is taken from sustainable woods. Using wood as a core also lowers carbon, as it is locked up in the wood, keeping it there for a lifetime.

Insulation and layering of materials
Insulating the buildings to high levels creates an airtight structure that releases the heat very slowly. The requirement for using lots of heating is minimised, making it very energy efficient.

We have chosen to work with Siberian larch for the external parts of all our buildings. Larch has a high density due to its slow growing environment. The level of resin in this wood makes it water and rot resistant without the need for harsh treatments.


Internal finishing
Internally all our structures are finished by using a wood panelling system from Huntonit in Norway. The panels are made out of compressed wood rather than glue. They are recommended by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association, making it the cleanest wall panel out there. The flooring we offer is engineered planks that are made of real wood from Norway.

Using minimal amounts of plastic and recycling all our packaging and cut offs is our way of limiting the damage to the environment.

Finally, cutting out middle men by importing straight from manufacturers in Scandinavia means we pick up the latest eco-friendly products their market has to offer.

For further information please contact us on 01932 343228