We have had a stock clearance in our warehouse and have put together a one-off offer.

Stock clearance4x3 Nordic Room


Size: 4 x 3 Meters. This can be made smaller to fit but price stays the same. If you’d require a larger cabin we can still offer the discount of roughly £4,000
The spec is as a standard Nordic Room pack:
1 x double glass door
2 x fixed full length glass panel
1 x rectangular airing window
All in white, 10 years warranty
We would include a point slab or adjusting your slab if you have one already
The heigh of the cabin would be 2.5m sloping to 2.35m in the back, so no need for planning permission (see further details regarding planning)
The roof to be covered in a rubber sheet and a roof overhang of 500mm in the front, 100mm on all other sides.
Gutters to run along the back are included.
External cladding is our standard untreated spruce cladding.
Paint included, colour of your choice but not the painting of the cabin itself.
Internally we have upgraded this cabin to our new Smartpanel system (see attached brochure) with a 2nd generation laminate flooring of the highest quality, choice of 4 colours.
The total price for the 4 x 3 meter Nordic Room would be £8,500 including VAT and installation.
This is a very special price as we are selling some stock items cheaper, around a £4,000 saving.
In the price also includes the cable run, leaving a hoop of cord where your electrician will attach your fixings.
You decide where you want the window elements to be placed and direction of walls. (4 x 3m or 3 x 4m)
The offer is included with the installation but you would have to be ready to go on February 10th build start, it would take approx. 3 weeks.
Contract and 50% deposit to be made latest 2nd February to be valid.
Transportation not included and subject to distance form our warehouse.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.