Our Nordic Room has got an internal facelift in the form of a new panel system brought to the UK by Scandinavian Trading


The Smartpanel® system is not just stylish to look at but surprisingly easy to install, saving time for our carpenters. The clever thing is that they are pre coloured MDF boards and come in 60cm wide X 240cm tall panels that click together like a click floor. Smartpanel® come in a variety of profiles and colours for our clients to choose from.

We have also upgraded our flooring to a next generation laminate flooring with a 30 year guarantee for domestic use – that is a long time! You wouldn’t think that the floor was covered MDF but a real wooden floor to half the price.


Please have a further look in the Smartpanel® catalogue here: Smartpanel Brochure  or visit www.smartpanel.co.uk